Floor Care

Do you ensure your floors leave the right impression? Heavy foot traffic can mean that your hard flooring or carpets end up dingy; riddled with soil, debris, and bacteria. Worst of all? They look bad. Scuffed or spotted carpets just don’t instill confidence in your building. When it comes to your facility, your reputation is on the line, and whether you know it or not, the cleanliness of your floors speaks volumes about your building. Your tenants are relying on you to keep your floors shining and spotless. 

You need a floor cleaning service that can restore your flooring to its original splendor and protect it from additional damage moving forward. Ongoing floor maintenance is an essential step in creating the right impression for your facility.

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Our Floor Maintenance Services Will Make Your Floors Shine

No matter the type of flooring, our team at Gray Facilities Management is equipped to handle the job. Floors need to be cleaned and maintained regularly to stay looking their best and to reduce wear and tear. Most flooring types need deep cleaning, refinishing, or some other maintenance occasionally, along with routine cleaning, vacuuming, and upkeep. 

We offer regular floor cleaning services as well as the more intensive maintenance services you need like deep cleaning, polishing, and refinishing. Our team members have training in the proper floor maintenance and cleaning techniques for each kind of flooring:

Commercial floor care shouldn’t be left to just anyone. After all, your floors are a long-term investment in your building– they need to be carefully protected. Especially complex, detailed tasks like stripping and waxing commercial floors need to be conducted with the utmost care, and should only be trusted to a trained professional.

You need a Michigan floor care company that can care for your flooring. At Gray Facilities Management, we got our start in environmental services for hospitals and medical facilities, cleaning their spaces and their floors with meticulous precision using only the proper methods. 

Be it vinyl, rubber, VCT, hardwood, porcelain, ceramic tile, or any other type of flooring, we work to preserve your floor’s durability with our floor polishing service. With every cleaning, our goal is to extend the life of your floors so they continue to look great for a very long time. Our hard floor cleaning services leave your floors with a long-lasting, sparkling sheen, and our carpet cleaning services remove the dirt and grime.

Floor Care Programs to Fit Your Needs

Whether you need one-time deep cleaning or restoration, or routine maintenance and floor care, Gray Facilities Management is here to help. We listen closely to your needs and concerns, and work with you to come up with the right care plan for your floors, taking into account your budget,  your facility’s level of foot traffic, and what kind of flooring you have. 

Other floor maintenance companies in Michigan don’t offer the same pairing of high-caliber professional cleaning services with open, honest, and respectful communication like we do. As a floor cleaning company, we collaborate with you to determine all of your needs so that our work can speak for itself. That’s the difference in our floor care plan: We listen, we work with you, and we come up with the perfect plan for your facility.

Say Farewell to Dirty Floors with Our Professional Floor Maintenance Services

Extend the life of your flooring. Ensure that it looks better and lasts longer with a trusted Michigan floor care company like Gray Facilities Management. No floor care task is too big or too small for our qualified team members– and whatever kind of flooring you have at your facility, we are prepared to help with the floor care services you need. All of our team members are bonded and insured, and each employee goes through extensive training on how to properly care for your facility, and how to best clean your floors. 

Commercial floor maintenance shouldn’t be left to chance. Trust our honest, attentive, reliable team at Gray Facilities Management for your floor care program, and all the cleaning services your facility needs to stay beautiful. 

Let us handle your floor care. Request a free quote today to get started!

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