Rubber Floor Cleaning 

There are many businesses, schools and even residential property owners turning to the durability of rubber flooring for their properties. Able to be installed both outdoor and indoor, rubber flooring gives your facility the ability to handle the high levels of foot traffic you receive every day. 

Not to mention, rubber flooring is practically invincible. It’s water, scruff, stain and scratch-resistant, making it the perfect option for companies looking for a floor that can take a hit. 

Best of all, rubber flooring is relatively easy to maintain—that is if you know how to do it correctly. 

In the wrong hands, rubber flooring can become damaged, cracked or even lifted. Don’t leave your rubber floor cleaning to an inexperienced commercial cleaning company. Work with the expert rubber floor cleaning professionals at Gray Facilities Management.  

rubber floor maintenance

Experienced Cleaning Professionals

When the regular person looks at flooring, the only thing they’re going to notice is if it’s dirty. This is a big problem for companies with rubber floors dirty from foot traffic. 

This can make a bad, lasting first impression, causing customers to not want to come back or to think negatively of the business. Luckily, Gray Facilities Management is skilled in helping businesses make the best first impression possible with our rubber flooring cleaning.

When we go about cleaning rubber floors, we focus on three things: 

  1. The kind of rubber flooring you have
  2. The space your rubber flooring is in
  3. Your cleaning goals when it comes to your rubber floor

Once we have these details, we then perform your rubber floor cleaning at whatever times and days work best for you. There’s no need for you to try to fit your busy schedule around ours like other Michigan commercial cleaning companies would have you do. 

How to Clean Rubber Flooring

When you work with Gray Facilities Management, you work with experienced cleaning professionals who actually know how to clean rubber flooring. With our regularly scheduled floor maintenance, you’ll be able to see the difference in your rubber flooring and your guests will be given the chance to experience the best first impression possible.

Rubber floors are so dependable and durable because of how they are made. Rubber floors can actually be made up of various materials, such as natural rubber extracted from rubber trees, and can contain fillers, supplements and colors to make it match your space’s aesthetic.

Understanding the makeup of rubber flooring is the first step in understanding how to clean it correctly. 

When we start to clean your rubber flooring, we know that dust mopping isn’t going to do anything. Your rubber floors are studded so that people won’t slip, but this also means that moisture and soil can build up. 

This means if you dust mop, you would just make things dirtier. Other commercial cleaning companies won’t know that. 

Our Cleaning Process

From there, we go through a step-by-step process to help not only clean your rubber flooring but preserve and maintain it for the future:

  1. We use HEPA-filter, high-powered vacuums to suck up any dirt, dust and grime that’s on the surface fo your rubber floors. If your rubber floors are in the gym of a school or the common area of a warehouse, this is helpful for not only the floor but also your air quality. 
  2. From there, we use what are called hard-surface tools. They are generally wands or scrapers meant to pick up any sticky substances such as gum or heel marks. Once we use these tools to dislodge the dirt, we go over the surface again with a vacuum. 
  3. The final step of our cleaning process includes high-powered, neutral, green-certified cleaning solutions to wipe down the entire surface, leaving it dry, clean and ready for business the next day. We even take into consideration if your rubber flooring is installed near a pool, locker room, healthcare area or other location where there might be a higher chance of bacteria and germ spread. We then use a final layer of sanitizing solutions safe for rubber floors. 

When we say we take care of your rubber floors from beginning to end, we truly mean it. We treat your floors like our own and will always come back and re-do a job if you feel it doesn’t meet your cleaning standards. 

Rubber Floor Care for Your Michigan Business

Working with us for your rubber floor maintenance is one of the best decisions you could make for your business and your wallet. Our proven track record with our customers will showcase the fact we treat every space uniquely, making sure it’s cleaned and maintained the way it personally needs to be. 

When you choose to work with Gray Facilities Management, you get: 

  • Experienced cleaning professionals.
  • Comprehensive service options for your space.
  • Open lines of communication.
  • Reliable cleaning services.
  • Peace of mind the job is finally getting done.

If you’re ready to experience expert rubber floor cleaning that allows you to save money and time, reach out to us today for your free quote. We can’t wait to take care of your commercial rubber flooring the way you want and deserve.

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