VCT Floor Cleaning Services

VCT tile is a favorite type of flooring for commercial buildings because it is cheap, durable, and low maintenance. 

But low maintenance doesn’t mean you can get away with poor maintenance. VCT floor care must be done right to keep your tiles from wearing out prematurely. 

You can keep your VCT floors looking their best with professional VCT floor cleaning by Gray Facilities Management. We help Michigan facilities save time, money, and stress with expert floor care programs that keep your floors in pristine condition. 

vct tile floor care

Preserve Your Floors With VCT Tile Floor Care

Every day, your VCT floor collects dirt and debris that discolor and scratch tiles. Spills can stain, and scuffing leaves dark marks. Wax buildup can turn your floor yellow. 

Your VCT tile floors stand up well to the wear and tear they’re subjected to, but they still need a break now and then. Gray Facilities Management gives your hardworking VCT floor the care and attention it deserves. 

Daily sweeping and mopping will remove the top layers of grime, but for deep VCT tile cleaning, you need the pros. Gray Facilities Management’s experienced floorcare specialists are trained in the right methods for VCT floor cleaning and care. They penetrate every layer of grime with our high-powered steam cleaner to eliminate all dirt, debris and buildup. This method leaves behind a streak-free, sanitary floor.

VCT tiles require more than a good cleaning to look their best. Our VCT floor polish services give your floors a beautiful shine that contributes to the professional look you want in your building. 

Depending on the condition of your VCT tiles, we will use any of our proven processes to remove the old, dull finish on your floor and rejuvenate it with a new coat. To do so, we may use: 

  • Polishing to lift light soil and shine floors.
  • Spray buffing to remove tougher marks and spray on a shiny finish.
  • Scrubbing to remove the uppermost coats of soil and deep scratches before applying a new coat of VCT floor finish.
  • Burnishing with a restoration chemical that polishes and protects floors from future damage.

Gray Facilities Management also specializes in complete floor restoration. If VCT tile floor care hasn’t been a priority before now, your floors probably are looking neglected. 

We strip all of the old wax and soil from your floor and apply a new wax finish that looks beautiful and protects your VCT from all the abuse it endures. This stripping and waxing process preserves your floors and saves you the cost of replacing tiles later. 

You’ll love how your VCT floors look for many years when you let our team give them the TLC they require.

VCT Floor Cleaning Done Right Every Time

Proper VCT tile floor care is vital for keeping your floors in good condition. Don’t trust VCT floor cleaning to an amateur. It’s very easy to ruin a floor with the wrong tools, chemicals or techniques. Facility managers who attempt DIY VCT tile cleaning quickly regret it!

Gray Facilities Management is your trusted Michigan commercial cleaning company. Our VCT floor cleaning service beautifies and protects your flooring with the latest methods and state-of-the-art equipment. Whatever your floor needs, our floor care technicians understand what chemicals and tools are appropriate for cleaning VCT tile so you never have to worry about damage to your floors. 

You also never have to worry about the cost of a new floor. Proper VCT floor care extends your floor’s life and keeps it looking better longer, reducing the need for repairs or replacement. VCT can last almost forever when cared for by pros like Gray Facilities Management. 

No two facilities are the same. Gray Facilities Management personalizes our services to give you the best cleaning possible, and our VCT floor cleaning service is no different. We tailor our work to serve a variety of facilities, including:

  • Medical and healthcare facilities.
  • Banks.
  • Fitness centers.
  • Stores.
  • Government offices.
  • Schools and universities.

Let us make your floors work and look better for you with expert VCT tile cleaning. We save you the stress of costly damage caused by incorrect cleaning and make your job easier by handling every detail of your VCT floor care. 

Meticulous VCT Floor Cleaning, Attentive Service

As a Michigan facility manager, you expect a commercial cleaning company that works for you and with you. Gray Facilities Management does just that. 

We treat both your facility and you right. We know that great service extends beyond a quality cleaning job. When you work with Gray Facilities Management, you get personal attention to ensure your floor care needs are met. 

We begin every client relationship by listening to you. We address your specific commercial cleaning issues and provide custom solutions to give you the results you want. Our valued clients appreciate our communication and honesty as we work together to create the results they want. That’s why our services come so highly rated!

Our team members stand behind their work. Gray Facilities Management is licensed, bonded, and insured. Staff members are trained to perform our comprehensive list of services with attention to detail and quality. Our clients love the consistency and reliability they get from us. We guarantee total satisfaction or our service is free. 

If you’re ready for the best-looking VCT floors you ever have had, contact Gray Facilities Management today for a free quote. We look forward to working with you to achieve the look you want for your Michigan facility!  

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