Stone Floor Care

There’s a lot of adjectives to describe stone flooring. Some would consider it timeless; others would call it modern or even rustic.

Stone flooring has been around since ancient times and continues to be used today for two main reasons: beauty and durability. 

Stone floors can be a beautiful addition to any business, giving it more character or grandeur in the face of growing competition. But stone floors can’t be taken care of like any other type of floor. 

You need to work with a commercial cleaning company that specializes in stone floor cleaning. You need to work with Gray Facilities Management. 

Comprehensive Stone Floor Care

Stone floor maintenance requires patience, persistence and care. Stone floors can be both versatile and fragile at the same time. 

If cleaned the wrong way, stone floors can become dull and scratched or even go white, creating huge aesthetic problems for your business. The last thing you need is to hire a Michigan commercial cleaning company that doesn’t understand stone floor cleaning procedures. 

That’s why our customers love working with us. Gray Facilities Management knows what we’re doing and offers stone floor cleaning services to all types of stone floors, including: 

  • Marble floor cleaning services.
  • Granite floor care.
  • Travertine floor cleaning services.
  • Slate floor cleaning services.
  • Limestone floor cleaning services.
  • Stone tile floor cleaning services.

Benefits of Stone Floor Care

The benefits of clean stone floors are endless when it comes to a business that’s wanting to grow and make the best first impression possible. 

Gray Facilities can proudly say we know stone floors, unlike any other business. We understand that you can’t use a cleaner with too much acid or too little acid because it could strip the stone. 

We’re a travertine floor cleaning company that knows that the wrong cleaner will make it look covered in film. 

We’re versatile and educated on everything stone floor care. 

By choosing to work with the professional stone floor cleaning services of Gray Facilities Management, you get the benefits of: 

  • A clean business space that’s rid of dust, dirt and grime.
  • A beautiful business space with stone floors that shine and look brand new.
  • Floors that will have a longer lifespan.
  • Saving money because the durability of the floor will be maintained.

With us cleaning stone floors every day for your business—or every week or month—your floors have the ability to last years, maybe even centuries, as did the floors in castles from hundreds of years ago. 

Expert Stone Floor Care Professionals

As a business owner, you deserve to have a commercial cleaning company specializing in stone floor care that you can trust. You need experts in the field that use high-quality solutions and equipment to clean your entire space. 

As a licensed, bonded and insured commercial cleaning provider, Gray Facilities Management is different from other commercial cleaning companies because we: 

  • Identify issues and quickly take action.
  • Support our cleaners when they are on site.
  • Manage supply orders and inventory in real time.

There is no beating around the bush or dishonesty when working with Gray Facilities. We are dedicated to giving the kind of cleaning service that you want to hire over and over again. 

We even provide a plethora of other services besides our expert stone floor care services. We’re a one-stop shop for everything your facility needs, starting with your stone floor care. 

Not only do we promise great service, but if you aren’t happy with the cleaning we provide, your service is free until we do a job that you consider worth the value. 

A Premier Stone Floor Cleaning Company

It’s time to make sure your stone floors are clean and taken care of every time your cleaning company comes to your space. Gray Facilities Management can provide that for you and so much more. 

Besides our stone floor care, we also offer: 

    • Janitorial Services: From sweeping to mopping to dusting, our janitorial services are full scale and cover every area of your space to make it clean and safe. 
    • Window Cleaning: Dirty and streaky windows can create a negative first impression for any business. Gray Facilities can keep every type of glass you have sparkling clean. 
    • Post Construction Cleanup: You shouldn’t have to get your hands dirty with construction cleanup after an add-on to your business. Let Gray Facilities handle the hard work for you. 
    • And so much more.

If you’re ready to work with Gray Facilities Management or talk more about your options, reach out to us today for a free quote

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